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    These Conditions are established between: On the one hand, Maria Josefa Moreno Guillen, through the trademark „Aserrado“ with domicile in Virgen Guadalupe 17, 46901 Vedat de Torrent (Valencia), provided with NIF 52742979T (hereinafter, Aserrado) and, on the other hand, any person who places an order (hereinafter „the customer“). The placing of an order implies the acceptance of these Conditions by the client, as well as any other specified in the order itself. No point of these conditions will affect consumer rights.

    1. Principle of Sustainability


      Our highest principle is the satisfaction of our customers without sacrificing the needs of future generations. This principle governs all other principles and rules.

    2. Customer Service


      Contact us on weekdays 9: 00-15: 00 (Sara), 16: 00-18: 30 (Maria by Mobile) by phone or at any time via email. We will respond within 24 hours.

    3. Shipping


      1. Peninsular Spain

        In Spain Peninsular delivery is free from purchases of € 100.00. For lower orders, shipping costs are € 5 + € 0.50 per kilo of the weight.

      2. Rest of Spain and member states of the European Community

        We also ship to Insular Spain and the member states of the European Community. Shipping costs will vary in relation to the destination and the weight of the merchandise.

      3. Rest of the world

        We sell merchandise to the rest of the world under Ex Works / factory conditions = direct delivery at the factory. Buyer must load the goods in vehicles provided by himself or clear customs for export. The buyer will bear all expenses (licenses, authorizations, formalities, taxes) and risks of taking the merchandise from the buyer’s address to the desired destination, and even those of loss or damage that the merchandise may suffer from the seller’s notice. Buyer is obliged to reimburse the expenses incurred by the seller by providing assistance in obtaining documents, permits, etc. and make the payment of the merchandise as stipulated.

    4. Payment Method


      To formalize any order the orders will be paid in advance by bank transfer to the account indicated in the budget.

    5. Order Formalization


      To formalize the order and go to production it is essential to send us the following data:

      1. Customer Name
        1. Name (Short name of the company or individual)
        2. Corporate name (Official name of the client, for invoices or other documents)
        3. Phone
        4. Email
      2. Legal form
        1. Natural person (not a company)
        2. Company
        3. CIF / NIF
      3. VAT regime
        1. General
        2. Exempt
        3. Apply equivalence surcharge
      4. Proof of payment

        Proof of payment sent by email martin@aserrado.com

      5. Products ordered
        1. Budget No. or Product References
        2. In the case of custom production the bounded plan in all its measures
      6. Customer group (optional)
        1. Production of articles of use
        2. Craft production
        3. Furniture factory
        4. Decorator
        5. Construction
        6. Private project

    6. Order cancellation


      1. Cancellation of standardized products

        The customer can cancel the order of the standard products at any time before shipping. In case of cancellation after shipment, the actual transport costs will be borne by the customer.

      2. Cancellation of custom products

        You cannot cancel or change custom merchandise orders or custom items, such as e.g. Engraved cutting boards, custom furniture, countertop or custom cut board once manufacturing begins.

    7. Delivery Time


      Delivery time for stored olive wood products are app. 5 days in the Peninsula. Most of the products are not stored and we manufacture them upon request. The date of delivery of the orders for the production is oscillating between 2 and 5 weeks according to the current degree of the occupation of the factory. Although we occasionally provide the customer with the delivery date, this date is indicative. Delivery date has no guarantee. Each order requires for its production a time that cannot be determined beforehand.

    8. Delivery of merchandise


      The merchandise is delivered at street level. The contracted carrier will not upload or install the merchandise in the premises or dwelling.

    9. Returns


      The customer has the right to return the wooden items in their original packaging intact, without a period of 14 days. For this, the client must send them to our address. Right of return does not include custom-made products, parquet, or items sold at a discount.

    10. Claims


      1. Mechanical damage during transport


        In the course of transport, mechanical damage such as e.g. blows in the songs. If the mechanical damages are considerable that cannot be repaired and have been caused during transport, the customer is entitled to a change or arrangement. In this case, the client must contact us within 24 hours after delivery and we will look for a solution together. Transportation insurance only accepts claims within 24 hours of delivery. Damage to the merchandise during transport will only be the responsibility of Sawing for 24 hours after the customer receives the merchandise. Therefore, it will be the client’s responsibility to unpack the product and ensure that it has not suffered any blow or breakage during transport. The guarantee of any manufacturing defect is not affected by this stipulation.

      2. Mechanical damage after delivery


        During the installation or over time, mechanical damage such as scratches or small bumps may occur. As our boards and countertops are not perfect by default that does not usually present a problem. We do not have the ambition to make a board that looks „new“ so a blow can enhance the desired patina effect. In case the client wishes to „camouflage“ the mechanical damage, he can sand and / or fill with the wooden repair wax and then re-oil the damaged place of the board.

      3. Custom manufacturing


        In case of custom production, the customer must provide us with the outline or plan bounded in all its measures for the manufacture of the product. If there are failures in the measures or design provided by the client, claims or returns will not be accepted.

      4. Manufacturing tolerance


        We cannot avoid the variability of the measures. The dimensional tolerance in length and width is ± 5 mm. As for the thickness of the boards, the tolerance is + 0 mm / – 10 mm, depending on the wooden wiring.

      5. Size of joined wood


        Claims of the size of the woods which joined to form the final product (e.g. size of the boards on the board, number of tacos in the bowl, etc.) are not allowed.

      6. Wood deformations


        Most people today do not distinguish between artificial wood (chipboard + veneer) and solid wood, which causes some expectations to the perfection of unjustified wood. Solid wood is full of knots and cracks that are part of its nature. Wood is a living element subject to changes in temperature and humidity, so it will tend to expand and contract adapting to its environment. This movement of wood can produce cracks or deformations over time that do not alter its functionality or natural beauty. Therefore claims based on knots, cracks or small deformations are not allowed.

      7. Solid wood color and grain


        Solid wood is manufactured from trees from sustainable plantations. The trunks enter and leave the sawmill as is. During drying it turns all dark gray wood. When we manufacture the board, it is impossible to select the boards that will have the same ban and color. The possible variations of colors and wood grain are innumerable. Claims for the color or grain of the wood are not accepted, both for excess and for defect since this aspect is subjective.

      8. Solid wood cracks


        Fissures (of joints) are quite common in solid wood boards and countertops. Its cause is movement or contraction of wooden boards due to changes in the humidity of the environment. Moisture changes move the boards because natural wood is a hygroscopic material. To limit its movement, keep the board well saturated with maintenance oil. If the tables have still been moved, we will send the repair kit to the customer, with which the board can be easily repaired. No changes or refunds will be accepted for cracks in the boards derived from the lack of maintenance (treatment with wood oil).

      9. Wire rods and curvatures


        Wiring and bending occur frequently due to the inherent nature of solid wood. To avoid the wiring and client bending you must screw the board to the support structure immediately after receiving the board, before the wood can move. Changes or returns will not be accepted due to defects in the boards derived from failures of their storage, installation or assembly. For example, if a solid wood board, not of fiber, is not screwed to a rigid support, it will be wired and curved without remedy. This is the natural response of wood to moisture differences between the top of the board and its bottom face. This is something that any professional knows about natural wood boards. Since our company sends the boards and boards to customers, and in no case takes over their installation, it is not responsible for the problems arising from a faulty installation.

      10. Wood finish


        The finish of our wood products is by default rustic, without ambition to reach perfection. Our finish is „imperfect“ by default. Claims for imperfections in wood finishing are not allowed.

      11. Manufacturing defects

        Only claims for manufacturing defects will be accepted.

    11. ​​Refund


      In case of cancellation or return, we will refund your money within 5 business days. The expenses of the return are assumed by us.

    12. Warranty


      We rely on the quality of our wood products, so customers can benefit from our 3 years guarantee that is beyond usual. The long warranty expresses our certainty that our products will last a lifetime. The warranty does not cover raw wood and semi-finished products. Any person who places an order declares that they have read and followed the Maintenance Instructions . In case of failure to follow the Maintenance Instructions, the warranty loses its validity.

    13. Maintenance Instructions

      In order to maintain the current guarantee, the maintenance instructions for wood present must be complied with.

      1. Outside

        We do not provide warranty abroad. NOTE : In practice, many clients have our boards outside without problems provided the treatment is adequate. In this case we must replace the oil finish with a specific lacquer for outdoor use.

      2. Sun rays


        Wooden boards exposed to the sun’s rays will change the tone of the wood. If some parts of the board receive more sun rays than another, on the board you will see the sunny parts and the „shadows“ (e.g. from a small tablecloth). When buying the board, it is possible to ask for the sunscreen treatment.

      3. Water


        Prevents the board treated with natural oil from keeping in contact with water for a long time, e.g. with wet rags, cups, glasses etc. If the board is flooded with liquids, it should be dried with a cloth immediately. If you leave a whitish fence, we should put some treatment oil in the area and the wood will recover its natural tone. As the board becomes saturated with oil, it will be much more difficult for stains or fences to occur. If the client for any reason wants a completely resistant board, he must request a lacquer treatment.

      4. Burners and sinks


        If the board is near the burner, sink, or above the dishwasher, washing machine, or any other heat source, it will probably dry faster and require more frequent maintenance. The board thus exposed, it is convenient to apply oil when we observe that the wood is becoming clearer.

      5. Pots


        The pots should not be placed directly on the wooden boards, even having a bowl or clay dish underneath.

      6. Cutting boards


        Although Sawing boards are cutting boards by themselves, we recommend not cutting directly on top of the board, but using a cutting board.

      7. Breathing


        Solid wood boards cannot be mounted on an airtight support, embedded inside the wall, or covered in such a way that the air does not access the wood through the top and bottom of the board. We must always leave at least one leak for air access. Wood has to be able to „breathe“.

      8. Storage

        aserrado.com/condiciones/# storage

        In general any solid wood, and especially olive wood due to its irregular streaks and the strength of its fibers, if it is not screwed to a stable base it will bend (wiring). If you need to save the panels before final assembly, you must take into account some considerations.

        1. Remove the boards from their original packaging and check if they have suffered any damage during transport.
        2. Remember that the company only accepts claims for damages suffered during transport within 24 hours of receipt.
        3. Boards cannot be stored with an airy and airtight face, such as e.g. put them on a flat surface (floor).
        4. The best way to store the boards is horizontal, but with rails under them that ensure the passage of air to the two parts of the board and with some weight on top.
        5. If we have several boards it would be convenient to lay them down and fasten the boards with flanges between them.
        6. Ideally, place the boards in their final place on the same day they are received.
        7. Keep it out of direct sun
        8. Keep it away from moisture

      9. Cracks


        Over time, due to changes in temperature and humidity inside our homes and the natural movement of the wood to adapt to these changes, some small cracks can leave the surface of the olive wood that should not worry, they are microcracks They will only beautify our boards. Cracks, like knots, are not defects but properties inherent in natural wood. Certain regularity in the maintenance of the wood with oil is very important so that the wood is well hydrated and flexible to the movement.The medium cracks are easily fixed by filling them with wax. If your board has large cracks, contact us to solve the problem.

      10. Humidity


        The wooden board adapts to the humidity levels of the environment. The optimal conditions for the wood are humidity app. 50%, which is the normal level of humidity in homes in which the temperature is maintained at approx. 20 ° C Moisture is important with respect to the expansion or contraction of the board. The board absorbs or releases moisture in synchrony with changes in ambient humidity. If the humidity is high, the board can change its size up to 1 cm.

      11. Cleaning


        The wooden board can be cleaned frequently with a cloth and a soapy solution. It does not require special care in its cleaning.

      12. Sanding


        With a light sanding, scratches can be completely repaired and removed, although olive wood is a very hard wood and it is not easy to cause damage or scratches on it. Use 180 grit sandpaper. Never use the scourer or coarse grit sandpaper. The board can be partially sanded, only in the affected areas. Keep in mind that sanding removes the protective layers of the wood and the sanded surface must be treated again with the maintenance oil.

      13. Oil treatment


        The boards leave the factory by default finished with our 100% natural treatment oil. To keep the board always hydrated and perfectly waterproofed we recommend the use of our maintenance oil. Its application is very easy: you just have to put some oil in a spray and clean the board with this product once a week. The board will always remain hydrated, waterproofed and with radiant and bright olive tones.

        1. clean the board with a mild detergent
        2. dry the board
        3. shake the oil container well
        4. sprays a small amount of oil on the surface evenly
        5. distribute the oil over the entire surface of the board with a paper napkin or soft cloth
        6. again pass a clean napkin or cloth to eliminate possible debris

        As the oil has a waterproofing base, if we leave drops or put excess oil, there will be marks, “puddles” or small solidified drops of the oil. Therefore it is advisable to put very little amount on each occasion very well extended.

    14. Privacy


      We use cookies to track the contents of the cart while browsing our site. We collect information from you during the payment process in our store. When you buy us something we ask you to provide information that includes your name, billing address, shipping address, email address, telephone number, credit / payment card details and optional additional information such as username and password. password. We will use this information for purposes such as:

      1. Send you information about your account and order
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      3. Process payments and avoid fraud
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      7. Send you promotional messages, if you choose to receive them
      8. If you create an account we will store your name, address, email and telephone number, which we will use for the payment process and future orders.

      Your data will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, we never transfer it to third parties. At any time you can demand that we delete you from our database.

    15. Legal compliance

      These Conditions of Sale constitute the total agreement (Contract) between the Client and Aserrado.com. No point of the present conditions will limit your legal consumer rights. In the event that one of the clauses of these conditions is null and void, this will not affect the rest of the conditions. The client agrees to exonerate Aserrado (and its officials, executives, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures, employees and third parties providing services), from all responsibility for all claims, demands and damages (real and emerging) of any kind and nature , known and unknown, including reasonable attorneys‘ fees, resulting from a breach of their aforementioned statements and guarantees, or from infringement by you of any law or the violation of the rights of third parties.

    16. Applicable law

      These Conditions of Sale will be governed by current Spanish legislation. For the resolution of any doubt, discrepancy or divergence that may arise in the fulfillment and interpretation of this Contract, the parties submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the domicile of the seller.