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    (6ba) Bathroom countertop olive wood

    1.208,791.525,81 sq m

    Most unique and popular material for bathroom countertops is thick solid olive wood with live edges wherever possible. Solid olive wood is perfect for bathrooms due to its high oil content, high density and waterproof pore.

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    1. Photos

    You can find collection of bathroom countertop photos of olive wood bathroom countertops sent to us by some of our clients here:
    bathroom countertops photo album

    2. To consider before buying a countertop for your bathroom

    Holes and cracks in olive wood

    Olive wood is always full of holes and cracks. We fill them with transparent epoxy resin only on the upper face of the countertop. We leave the natural holes on the edges and the lower face.

    Olive wood is heavy

    The density of olive wood is 960 kg/m3. That makes olive wood very appropriate wood for installing in a wet bathroom, but it has to be taken into account that it is very heavy. That means olive wood countertop has to heavy duty metal wall brackets or sound vanity installed below.


    olive wood top thicknesses
    You can choose a countertop between 3, 5 & 7 cm thick. 7 cm is very popular, but we recommend 5 cm for more convenient installation and lesser weight.

    Dimensions of live edges

    It is not possible to saw the wood on the live edges to exact measurement. The measurement provided by you will be considered as maximum dimension of the countertop. Nevertheless the live edge can have inward curvature up to 10 cm. Please calculate accordingly, so that your washbasin will get sufficient base.

    Hole for water tap and sink drain pipes

    We do not provide bathroom countertops with holes for the sink drain pipe. The reason is every client wants it different and it is impossible to us to match each individual requirement. It is much less risky for you to drill on a spot, when installing. You can position the washbasin in the context of your bath. The right spot is never the center of the countertop. Plumbers use to carry drilling crowns for pipes with them.

    7 cm thick countertop

    To highlight the natural beauty of olive wood people like to buy in thickness 7 cm. Its great looks come to a price: thick countertop made of high dense olive wood is really heavy. The 7 cm thick countertop not only weighs
    17 kg/m2, it also could make problems by the installation. Most water taps are not provided with pipe long enough to be installed on that thick countertop. Standard water tap pipe passes through max. 5 cm thick countertop.

    Match countertop and shelf

    We recommend you to buy a thinner and smaller (lesser depth) bathroom countertop as well. It will be your shelf beneath the main bathroom countertop. Handy to store towels and cosmetics.


    Our bathroom countertops are finished by tung oil by default. Tung oil is a natural nut oil which has been used by ancient Chinese to waterproof boats, which makes it perfect natural finish for bathrooms. Tung oil needs to be renewed once a year or whenever the wood dies out. You can renew the finish with any commercial wood oil finish.

    thickness (cm)

    3, 5, 7


    (ziii) all edges straight, (zisi) front edge: live / side edges & backside edge: straight, (ziss) front edge & leftside edge live / right edge & back edge: straight, (zssi) front edge & right edge: live / left edge & back edge: straight, (zsss) front edge & lateral edges: live / back edge: straight


    (of) timber oil, (zf) without finish

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