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    (7wo) kitchen worktop olive wood

    1.012,771.404,81 sq m

    Encimera de cocina de madera de olivo maciza con canto frontal rústico o recto

    Total Area (sq m)
    Product Price
    • Material: solid olive wood boards
    • Thicknesses available:
      • 3 cm
      • 5 cm
      • 7 cm not – recommended due to posible dificulties during the installation (tooling requirements and heavy weight)
    • Length and depth: custom made
    • Edges:
      • frontal edge: life or straight
      • side edges: always straight
      • backside edge: always straight
    • Depth dimension in case of life edge is aproximate, in case of straight edge the dimension is real.
    • The worktop needs a strong supporting structure – kitchen cabinets with metal brackets, underframe etc.
    thickness (cm)

    3, 5, 7


    (ziii) all edges straight, (zisi) front edge: live / side edges & backside edge: straight, (ziss) front edge & leftside edge live / right edge & back edge: straight, (zssi) front edge & right edge: live / left edge & back edge: straight

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