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    (2bo) olive wood board


    • Material: solid olive wood, 100% sustainable
    • Moisture content: dry – app. 12%-14%
    • Standardized dimensions: 70 cm x 12 cm
    • Thicknesses available: 0,5 cm; 3 cm; 5 cm and 7 cm
    • Surface: rough sawn or planed and fine sanded up to 280 grit
    • Cracks: olive boards can contain cracks
    • Shape: as cut by hand, olive boards are not perfectly square

    Olive wood boards aplications

    Olive boards are being used in all kind of projects – f.e. countertops, panels, coverings, furniture, decorative articles, hand-made products etc. Typical buyers are carpenters, decorators and artisans. We do not recommend olive boards to customers without the possibility of further wood processing. Olive wood board is not a final product. Each client processes it according to his project – cuting, crack filling, sanding, finishing etc.

    Wood quality

    olive wood quality explanation chart

    We produce the olive board out of 100% sustainable solid olive wood. The boards are dry, ready to be processed, with moisture content of app. 12-14%. Knods and craks are inherent attributes of olive wood.

    1. Cracks (incl. deep) are allowed. We leave the cracks open. The thicker the board, the more cracks it has.
    2. >

    3. Damaged edges – allowed
    4. Loose knods – allowed
    5. Natural discolorations (f.e. by sun) – allowed
    6. Missing piece – allowed

    Wood grain and color

    The olive wood board reveals its color and texture only after finishing. It is not possible to choose a specific type of grain or color, because there are not two olive trees alike. Air-dried rough sawn boards are in the stock gray, and we do not see the grain of the wood. The resulting olive wood grain is always a surprise.


    Since the boards have been sawn years ago are shrunk and twisted due to the drying process, the indicated dimensions can not be precise. We always try to provide some milimeters more in favor of the customer. Furthemore to be taken into acount: the rough sawn olive board is not squared. Due to the manual cutting, the board can’t be a perfect rectangle. The client shall cut the board to its final measurement with a sliding table saw or circular saw.

    Single size

    The (2bo) olive board is a standardized product with fixed length and width. In other words, neither length nor width can be changed, since the olive boards have been cut to single size prior to drying as follows:

    • (700) fixed length: 70 cm
    • (120) fixed width: 12 cm

    (700) fixed length: 70 cm

    The length of the board is limited by the height of the trunk of a normal size olive tree. Olive tree is a small especies, that is why longer boards are not available.

    (120) fixed width: 12 cm

    12 cm is quite considerable width, taking into account that olive tree trunk is totaly twisted and grows very slowly. It takes the olivetree half a century to reach in a sawmill usable diameter. That is why the width is fixed as well.

    Thicknesses available

    On a contrary to the fixed length and width, the customer can choose the thicknesses amongst:

    • (05) thin olive board: 0,5 cm
    • (30) standard olive board: 3 cm
    • (50) thick olive board: 5 cm
    • (70) very thick olive board: 7 cm

    (05) thin olive board: 0,5 cm

    0.5 cm thin olive boards are usually used for panelling and crafts of all kind. The thin board dries more easily. For this reason, more than 80% of these boards come without any crack, which makes it very attractive for mass-production, such as laser cutters etc. It is important that the board remains well fixed on a supporting structure, since it could bent easily due to its thin thickness.

    (30) standard olive board: 3 cm

    Standard thickness board is the most versatile, as it has a structural force and is still not too heavy for all types of furnishing projects, f.e. shelving etc.

    (50) thick olive board: 5 cm

    The 5 cm thick board is tipically used in the production of table tops, high-end worktops, stairs, big butcher cutting boards etc. Thick thickness combined with high density olive wood results in practically limitless resistance to abrasion.

    (70) very thick olive board: 7 cm

    The thick board is the cream in all projects in which a thick solid wood edge is a key design element. Working with boards this thick, one must take the heavy weight of olive wood into account. An adecuate supporting structures are necesary.


    The customer has the choice between the following surface types:

    • (as) olive board rough sawn
    • (a280) olive board fine sanded

    (as) olive board rough sawn

    By default, we store the boards rough sawn, as they come from sawing and subsequent drying: with rough scratches caused by the band saw and with dark gray color on the surface caused by the sunshine. Rough sawn boards are not planned, i.e. the faces may not be extactly parallel and the thickness may vary in each board. In order to compensate for the shrinkage of the wood during the drying process, we cut the board to considerably larger size than indicated.

    (s280) olive board fine sanded

    The (S280) board variant is sanded up to grain 280, which give the board which feels satinated, but not yet polished on touch. The customer himself could go on with finer, higher grain sandings. The primary function of the sanding is to calibrate the board – that is to make its with both faces parallel.


    The customer has no choice of the length nor the width, but he can choose from these product variants, which are combinations of thicknesses and surfaces available:

    parent product:

    (2bo) olive wood board

    product variants:

    • (2BO-05-AS) olive wood board thin rough sawn
    • (2BO-05-S280) olive wood board thin fine sanded
    • (2BO-30-AS) olive wood board standard rough sawn
    • (2BO-30-S280) olive wood board standard fine sanded
    • (2BO-50-AS) olive wood board thick rough sawn
    • (2BO-50-S280) olive wood board thick fine sanded
    • (2BO-70-AS) olive wood board very thick rough sawn
    • (2BO-70-S280) olive wood board very thick fine sanded

    Custom made sizes

    Olive wood boards come out of drying in standartized, more or less smaller sizes = as the size of a olive tree itself. The drying process takes years, that is why other sizes of dried boards are not available. Nevertheless, we are able to produce custom made sizes for orders larger than 3500 €. Custom made sizes require production planning app. 3 months ahead.

    thickness (cm)

    0,5, 1, 3, 5, 7


    (af) sanded to 280 grit, (as) rough sawn

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